Blog. New Items and Storage Ideas from Hudson Valley Closets

Organizing Quick Tip

Need a little help remembering to send mail, send notes for school, do chores or homework, or info regarding the day’s appointments? On the back of the entry door you use daily, use magnetic clips or post a bulletin board with removable Command Strip

We do Laundry Rooms

We do Laundry Rooms: Did you know we also do laundry rooms? A place for clean and soiled clothes, all your soap, fabric softeners and other products, a separate folding and ironing station and more. Customers say it almost makes doing laundry fun.

Inherited Clutter

After a relative’s passing, many people end up up with clothes, jewelry, cards and photos. What do you do with these? First, sort out the items you want to keep. We can add bins, drawers and files stems that will creatively hide..