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Clothing Storage Essential Rules How to Take Care of your Clothing

Clothing Storage Essential Rules: We create awesome spaces for you to store your clothes and accessories. Here are some tips to keep your clothes in tip-top shape!

Proper Cleaning and Insects
Even if a dress or suit is worn just once once, it must be dry-cleaned before storage. Otherwise, you risk an infestation of clothes moths, whose larvae feed on the bacteria that grows on garments that have not been cleaned. To help combat the problem, use lavender sachets or cedar blocks, especially for fine knits.

Breathable Storage Items
While garments come sealed in plastic after a trip to the dry cleaners, it’s essential to remove them promptly.
Plastic bags emit gasses that mix with the oils that collect on clothes, ultimately causing white shirts to stain yellow and garment fibers to weaken and break. Always use breathable supplies.

Care for shoes from the inside out. We recommend toe shapers for women’s shoes, and boot trees for boots and shoe trees for men’s loafers. Both shape the interiors of shoes and prevent creasing on the outside. Shapers also have a side benefit: They soak up the perspiration left in our shoes after a day’s wearing.

When bags are piled on the closet floor or haphazardly arranged on a shelf, they can develop deep creases that eventually become permanent. Handbags benefit from acid-free tissue stuffing that maintains the shape and should be kept in breathable bags that keep dust-free.

Beaded Clothes
Fold beaded attire, rather than hanging. When draped over a hanger, the weight of the beads will stretch the garment out over time.

Storage Conditions
Natural light in a closet is a beautiful feature, but, over the long haul, sunlight actually causes color fading and fabric damage. A pull-down shade to block out the sun’s rays is a smart feature. Also, rotate garments so that the same pieces are not always in direct line with the window.

Temperature fluctuation is a frequent culprit in garment decay. Try to keep your closets at a consistent 70-71 degrees.

A small air purifier helps regulate humidity and promotes the longevity of garments and shoes. Air purifiers also eliminate dust.

Properly caring for your clothes will keep them in better shape, for a longer time.