Blog. New Items and Storage Ideas from Hudson Valley Closets

Inherited Clutter

After a relative’s passing, many people end up up with clothes, jewelry, cards and photos. What do you do with these?

First, sort out the items you want to keep. We can add bins, drawers and files stems that will creatively hide.. or display these items.

It’s difficult to part with possessions that don’t “belong to us.” Even if you inherited these possessions, you’re still throwing someone else’s stuff away.

Remember it’s very unlikely your relatives would have wanted you to keep boxes of things that have no meaning to you or photos you can’t even identify.

Check with other family members to confirm they have no attachment to the photos or items. Select the most meaningful items and put them in a labeled box. Scan photos and cards. Other cards and photos can be recycled and items can go to the Salvation Army, local shelter, church/synogogue.

Give yourself permission to get rid of them. The memories are in your heart!