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Investing in Organization

Imagine opening your closet, and there they are your favorite pair of shoes, together and not scuffed. The shirt or blouse you haven’t worn in months and it doesn’t need to be ironed, your folded clothing neatly on shelves within reach, not ready to topple when you need just one item. Now imagine your clutter gone, no stress, no rushing to find the day’s wardrobe. What a great way to start the day, with peace of mind.

If you and your spouse simply don’t have room in your bedroom closet for both wardrobes, it’s time to take action. If one spouse’s clothes have been relegated to a guest room closet, or you just can’t find what you want to wear without rattling around in the closet (while your spouse is still sleeping), installing an organized cabinetry system may keep the peace in your marriage. What’s that peace worth to you?

OK, you may be thinking, it’s too expensive or it’s too inconvenient to have your closet torn up for a few days during the makeover. Think again: Closet organizing systems come in an array of price ranges, styles, and colors to meet your budget and decorating needs. As to inconvenience, most closet projects can be completed in just one day – a far cry from the inconvenience of a kitchen or bath makeover.

If you’re still not sure, think of it this way: What would it cost to build another room in your home in which to put all that “extra stuff”? A few quick math calculations should tell you that construction of a new room or simply a new closet usually far exceeds the cost of installing well-designed closet organizing cabinetry. Plus, real estate agents will always tell you that having organized closet systems aids the sale of a home – particularly in competitive markets.

At Hudson Valley Closets we focus on your needs first and foremost. How do you know if you’re getting the best product and the best design for your storage needs?

Hudson Valley Closets offers Free no obligation, in-home consultations during which we will carefully review your current wardrobe requirements. Our expert designers will show you exactly how they plan to accommodate all of your hanging and shelving needs in our designs, and we have sample materials for your review right in your home. We also carry a full line of great accessories, such as belt and tie racks, sliding baskets, mirrors, doors, drawers and more.

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