Crafts-Workroom. Everthing where you need it, when you need it!

We understand that the things you love to do are more than just a pastime. Designing the right craft storage space or workroom can make all the difference!

Knowing where all your tools are, so each time you work you don’t have to hunt for them, saves valuable time and energy.
We’ll convert an unused corner or an entire room into a dedicated workspace, craft storage space, gift wrapping center, stamp collecting niche, candle-making room… whatever you like to do, you’ll do it better in one of our specially designed workspaces. Psst…a Hudson Valley Closet workspace makes a great gift for someone, too… so start hinting to your family NOW!

Ready to Get your Art, Craft or Work Space Together?

Room for everything; all your tools, all the time. Give us a call or email for a free no-obligation, no-stress consultation. Just click here!