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Children’s Room Solutions

When my daughter’s room became unmanageable, I did not know where to turn. Her space was small, and adding another piece of bulky furniture was not going to be an option. I realized that her closet was a very underutilized space and started thinking about having a few shelves put up.Then, I envisioned a truly organized closet. I had heard about Hudson Valley Closets through the grapevine and through the Warwick Valley Chamber of Commerce.

I called them up and a few days later, Fred day came to my house to have a look and measure. He brought with him photos and descriptions of beautiful closets, and I explained that what I really wanted was an organized space for my child’s room. The fact that Fred also had kids was very helpful, as he understood not only their changing needs, but their changing sizes!

Fred was very patient- emailing me drawings, and I was very wishy washy- sending them back! But alas, finally I made a decision. And then I was very excited! Because the existing closet needed to be painted and old hardware removed, Fred had one of his assistants come to my house a few days prior, to get my daughter’s closet prepped.

Then the day arrived. On time and on schedule, Hudson Valley Closets installed my daughter’s closet. It incorporates everything we need it to, is made from quality materials, and best of all, it looks terrific! Working with Fred made it stress free and he was extremely accommodating. I would recommend Hudson Valley Closets to anyone who is looking for home organization. We could not be more pleased!

Tracey, Warwick