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The High Tech Closet

The High Tech Closet

We’re living in a high-tech world: If our refrigerators can tell us what groceries to buy, why can’t our closets tell us where to find that favorite black cocktail dress? But they can! Most homes’ closets remain in the Dark Ages, literally and figuratively: They’ve got one shelf and pole at eye level and absolutely nothing in common with the items that need to be stored in the closet. No wonder that black cocktail dress is lost in the abyss!

Closets, pantries and home office storage have gone high-tech, with hanging rods, shelves, drawers and surface space custom-designed to match your exact needs. Every inch of your storage real estate is valuable and expert organizers will design custom cabinetry to dovetail perfectly with your unique space. They first review all your current possessions, from blue jeans to that cocktail dress, from golf bags and sports equipment to your home shop tools. Next, they design an array of shelves, poles, drawers, baskets and other accouterments to ensure your new closet or garage cabinets will stay organized once they’re installed.

If none of your wardrobe items ever had to come on or off a shelf or hanger, you’d always know where each blouse was located – like a museum. But our possessions are organic, moving from storage to use to cleaning. With an organized cabinetry system, from the time the clean, folded clothes come back from your basement, to the time your worn white shirt gets thrown in your new, built-in laundry basket, your possessions will have a specific place to go through the cycle of wearing, cleaning and storing.

Hudson Valley Closets is geared to provide the full scope of solutions, from review of your needs through the installation of a variety of storage products.

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