Design Consultation
When you call or e-mail us, we’ll set up a free consultation at your house with our expert design consultants. We’ll do a complete assessment and take measurements of your storage space: including : wall size and storage capacity, hanging space , shelving space. Then, we will help you identify your goals for the space. How do you use it now? What frustrates you most about the current design? What would you like to do differently? Working as a team, you and the design consultant will come up with different scenarios that address your needs.

Virtual Walkthrough
Next, we will email or send you a  rendering, so you can visualize what the space will look and feel like with your custom storage solution. You’ll feel like you are actually in the room, looking around at the space. As part of the design process, you’ll be able to experiment with different combinations of: shelves and hanging areas, hardware and accessories, colors and finishes and room /space configuration. We can do this over the phone, via email or in person. We’ll work until you’re happy with the design.

Building Your Custom Solution
Once you’ve finalized all aspects of the job – the design, finishes, accessories, and price – the manufacturing process begins. When your job is submitted, the materials are manufactured to the precise dimensions of your space. We will work with your schedule to set up a quick turnaround, so your installation can begin promptly.

Prior to Installation
A few days before the installation, we’ll drop off standing cloths racks so you can transfer your clothes easily before we arrive. Don’t worry about your old unit- we remove it, and dispose of it, if you like. If you want to paint the space before we install, that’s fine too. Or, for a modest fee, we can patch and paint for you. Just let us know.

Our experienced installers arrive, and usually in one day, you get a brand new closet or storage area that you can start using, and enjoying that evening.

Follow Up
Expect a follow-up call to make sure you’re happy with your closet or storage area. Any problems or concerns? We’re here for that, too!

Want to get Started? Call or Email Us Today
Whether the space is small or large, we will get the most out of your space. For more information on Hudson Valley Closets, call (845)986-6001 or email us to schedule a complimentary design consultation today. Just click here!